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How Are The Rooms in The Maldives?

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Hello again, my dear friends. In the previous article, I noted how I reached the Maldives, the points I experienced and the points to be considered. Another one of the most curious is how the room layout is in the Maldives and what you need to know about the rooms.

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How are the rooms in the Maldives?

First of all, there are some points to be aware of when choosing a room. It is possible to choose a room completely according to your own preference. The rooms have many different features such as the Islands with or without a pool on the beach and the Islands in the water. As I have researched before, there is a different pricing style in terms of its features.

My preferred room style led me to search for a comfortable type of room in which I could be more comfortable. However, while I wanted to get a hotel room in the Maldives, I also did not want to be deprived of the pool. The reason for this is that the pool is located within the confines of your own room and is especially positioned for you. First of all, we need to talk about the outside part.

The exterior of Hotel Rooms

When you head towards your room in the Maldives, a beautiful pier welcomes you. Here, rooms with different business layouts are waiting for you. As you start walking on the pier, you should keep in mind that it is at a certain height to the sea. A deep blue sea accompanies you under your feet. If I’m going to help you choose a room, I should first talk about the features of the room. What I preferred was a room layout with a private pool inside. However, most of the features were almost the same as in the other rooms. At the same time, the common feature of the other rooms is the opportunity to swim in the sea.

I seem to be imagining this running through your mind. What is the umbrella doing here in the summer when the sun is standing overhead? Even if the season is summer, there is always the possibility of the weather turning and raining. When we move forward a little, a very useful desk directly welcomes us. This table works pretty well for me.

There is a coffee corner on a table right across the street. There are machines where you can make coffee, tea packs, and coffee packs. There is a wine cabinet just below it. In the drawer next to it, there is red wine and champagne. It also has a drawer with snacks. In the lower part, there are alcohol and drinks in the mini bar.

Living Room, Bathroom, and Terrace Part

In a section of our room located in Maldi, there is an area with specially reserved glass sofas and cushions. This area has been designed in such a way that it is suitable for private use by people. You can chat with your partner or friend by watching the deep blue sea from the window as you wish. This part of the room, which I like the most, is the glass window.

When I move towards the living room, there is a sound system with Bluetooth. Here you can listen to the music you want by connecting via Bluetooth. There is a double bed right in front of the TV. Just in front of it, a separate area has been created as 2 berjers. On the ground part of the room, a small table-shaped window was also created. This way, you can watch underwater and you can also watch the fish passing under it.

There are 2 double taps in the bathroom. Only two people staying can use it. There is a dressing room in the interior.

Here, flip-flops and house slippers have been added for you. At the same time, life jackets, diving goggles, fins, and snorkels are provided for you free of charge in the room. It has not been forgotten to add a make-up table where women will also apply make-up to be prepared. I have to assure you that the one you will choose consists of a very well-served team.

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