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Influencer Marketing in Türkiye

Hello, today we’re going to talk about users, or influencers, who each of us knows well and who have managed to control us virtually from behind a screen while trying to get the screen to scroll up. I would like to take a closer look at the marketing strategy used by these well-known brands that have been on an incredible rise in recent years, particularly in Türkiye. Shall we start if you’re ready?

Influencer marketing, which has succeeded in raising itself to the top of marketing and sales by increasing relevance every day, has grown significantly in 2021. With their selected modern marketing strategies and influencers, numerous sectors have redefined this term.

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Advertising companies set themselves the goal of changing the strategy and learning about innovations when stories, which undoubtedly began with “Hi Guys!” and concluded with a link, managed to impress people. Influencer marketing, which is developing at an astounding rate every day, appears to be going to become considerably more important.

Which Platform Has More Success with Influencer Marketing?

According to a study conducted, it is seen that brands make the most distribution in influencer marketing via Instagram and Youtube. According to research published in 2020, makeup and cosmetic goods are among the brands with the most labels. Of the makeup brands, Maybelline continues the list, while MAC has been established in first place, and we see Avon as the third brand. For me, it’s quite surprising that Trendyol is lagging behind while Zara is playing for first place in especially swipe-able posts.

How to Become Successful in Influencer Marketing?

Efficiency in influencer marketing is not a simple task to accomplish. If you can’t adjust and earn your target audience’s trust, you will hardly be able to achieve success. No matter how successful brands that do not gain the trust of customers produce products, they cannot achieve success in sales figures. You must gain the loyalty of your customers if you want to stand out in your market and boost sales. Instead of introducing you, cooperating with everyone makes you appear in more negative circumstances. You must be careful to identify influencers who are no longer beneficial to you.

Influencer Marketing Companies

Influencer marketing is important, and both large corporations and small enterprises are acting accordingly. Since the topic of marketing is quite wide-ranging, it is also very important to follow the dynamics closely. Companies are acting in cooperation with influencers because they know this.

First, can be used as an example. Because of its collaboration with influencers, has seen a considerable boost in capital. In addition to approaching 3 billion interactions, it was capable of growing its follower base in the phenomena it collaborates with by 400 thousand.

A second example could be a collaboration arrangement between Samsung and Influencers, the manufacturer of the phone or computer you are using to read this article. Samsung’s team, which is  the first to send smart gadgets to the names they had agreed to test, caught people’s interest with advertising pictures incorporated into influencers’ lives and grew to become one of the companies that garnered the most interactions.

Migros also joined influencer marketing in the last quarter of 2020 by collaborating with TikTok influencers. Migros, which resonated greatly with the content they called the “Department Wars”, received over 6 million comments and reached 84 million views.

Yemeksepeti has become one of the companies that keeps in touch with influencers so that they may promote the fact that their products are the best and fastest in Türkiye. It can be said that they have achieved their goals with videos and stories prepared for the purpose of increasing brand awareness. They established a position for themselves among the examples I can provide you with more than 4 million interactions.

With our examples, I think I could better explain the topic. I hope you don’t still have any questions in your mind about anything. Thank you for being with me so far, and I ask you to take care of yourself until I see you in the next article.

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