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Is Raffle On Social Media Harmful?

Hello! I’m so used to talking with you that it seems as if I haven’t seen you in many years. Today I’m dealing with a topic that has the potential to make matters worse even while actually trying to be helpful. Making a raffle on social media! We will discuss about making raffle on social media,which is a way to either gain more interaction and followers while also enhancing communication with your current audience.

Social media has now become an indispensable part of our lives. In recent years, there has also been a noticeable rise in the amount of marketing that occurs on these platforms, where we can simply handle everything we can accomplish. As a result, these events, which are frequently exploited by social media phenomena, are receiving irrational attention from their fans.

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Why Do People Take Part İn Raffles?

These raffles, which social media phenomenon run by partnering with major businesses and applying several requirements, help them earn a huge amount of income. Additionally, the gifts they give to their followers are equivalent to a drop of water in a vast ocean. Nowadays, when owning a home and a car are dreams for many people, there are even social media phenomenon that raffle off cars or houses. Furthermore, since the requirements are not too difficult for individuals to complete, it requres give the right to them to turn to these lotteries by just moving their fingers from where they are sitting.

Should I Organize A Raffle On Social Media?

Recently, the most popular search terms on search engines have been “Is the raffle damaging on social media or should I make a raffle on social media.” These issues are also  among the ones that professionals in the bussiness are asked. However, I don’t think it’s ethical to respond to this question with a yes or no. Like any option, this issue, of course, has its pros and cons. Like any option, this issue, of course, has its pros and cons. If you want to increase your number of followers, strengthen your interactions, or if you are aiming to increase your brand awareness,yes, it makes sense to select this method.Additionally, I have to  point out that if you want to employ this process, there are some important aspects to do in order to conduct effective marketing research. Because you can get into trouble if you neglect to take certain factors into account.

What Should I Look For When Making a Raffle on Social Media?

Unfortunately, it is obvious that a large number of individuals and companies that run contests on the social networking site Instagram do this without the required permissions. I would like to warn you at this point. Let me try to show you the right way, make it or not depends on you again of course. Well first of all, the National Lottery Administration is the organization from which you must request permission. Since there is a regulation limiting this article, breaking it will result in you having to pay a fine.

According to the judgment that is part of the official law permission from the National Lottery Administration is required in accordance with the articles “Regulation on Non-Cash Lotteries and Sweepstakes.”

Is Permission Required For Each Raffle?

I would like to answer this question with a smile. As you know,These raffles are currently being used actively by many social media users. Given that there are millions of users, it is clear that the National Lottery is unable to handle every draw. If the financial value of each gift you will give as a result of the lottery is less than₺154 as of 2021, you do not need to apply to the National Lottery. Because according to the National Lottery Administration, the gift of products worth 154₺ and below by lottery remains outside the scope of the National Lottery Administration. But you still need to conduct the drawing properly and provide gifts in accordance with the law. Take good care of yourself till our next article, see you then.

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