Kiğılı Opened Its First Metaverse Store

How Kiğılı Brand Was Established

Kiğılı Opened Its First Metaverse Store

Kiğılı, which is one of the leading men’s clothing stores, increases its investments a little more every day. While brands are developing themselves day by day, it is possible to see this change and development in their relationships with technology. An example of this came from the Kiğılı brand and the brand opened its first metaverse store. Brands have started to put forward in this field by making investments in technological areas. Metaverse is one of the most featured technologies of recent years and has assimilated by the whole world. They can try this experience from their home and quite comfortably. Hilal Suerdem, who is the vice chairman of Kiğılı, expressed his opinion on this issue. Suerdem stated that with the attenuation of the verges of online and offline life, the brand aims to communicate with its customers through other channels as well. The brand stated that they have increased their investments in Web3 technologies and at the same time added that they have been doing this work since last year. The work of the store started 3 years ago and reached the desired view as a result of 3 years. Those who want to visit the store must first download the GoArt application. The work of the store started 3 years ago and reached the desired image as a result of 3 years. It is possible to examine the store here, as well as to obtain information about collectible products.

The Naissance of the Kiğıl Brand

The Kiğılı brand first appeared in 1938. At the foundation of the brand, the sale of fabrics for men and production began only in 1965. The opening of the store started in 1969 and took place in Beyoğlu. Although Abdullah Kiğılı is the chairman of the board today, the process of forming the Kiğılı brand started with both his father and grandfather. Abdullah Kiğılı also started with this business and has experienced the textile sector. Kiğılı was selling the fabrics necessary for making a suit until about the 1960s. Then, in 1965, shirt manufacturing started for the first time and shirt sales took place in the store. Then, along with shirts, trousers, suits and coats also began to be produced. In 1980, he established his first factory in Kiğılı, the center of which is Yenibosna. Kiğılı brand, which offers products for men who like to dress and care about elegance, offers many products by enlargement its production area today.

Kiğılı Online Stores

Kiğılı store is located not only in shopping malls and some shops, but also on the Internet. With the developing internet world, Kiğılı also has a website and carries out internet sales from here. It is also possible to see discounts made regularly while products are included in the system in the form of specifications and descriptions. Apart from the products it offers, the Kiğılı brand also provides the most detailed information about itself on its website. Kiğılı has become a part of the online shopping world and offers products from many different sizes for sale.

Kığılı’s Catchy Products

The Kiğılı brand is a clothing brand that produces for men, and especially suits and shirts are the products of this brand that have been in production for many years. In addition to these products, it is also possible to see knitwear, coats, trousers, jackets, sweatshirts, T-shirts, shoes and accessories. The Kiğılı brand uses body sizes for men in its products and the size range is wide. In particular, it is possible to prefer the suit directly, as well as to choose all the parts that make up a suit individually. These products, which can also be get via the website, are also available in stores. Kiğılı clothes have options that can suit every taste and elegance is the main theme. Aiming to capture elegance in a sport look, the brand holds its product range wide. There is also a “Home” version of the Kiğılı brand and home products are included here. However, these products are textile products and the textile industry that has been going on since the origin of the company predominates. It is possible to get many products such as pillows, duvets, kitchen, bathroom textile products and home wear from here.

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