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Selling on Etsy

Greetings, my dear readers! I’ve been aware of interest in e-commerce sites for a long time, so I try to share articles about them with you on a frequent basis. This is exactly where it comes from in our article titled “Selling on Etsy.” Our article, in which I will share all of my knowledge about Selling on Etsy, which users frequently search for, will be a little lengthy. Let’s start if you’re ready.

Research on Etsy, one of the world’s largest sales markets and proudly holding first place in the field of e-commerce, is intensifying day by day, and information about “Selling on Etsy” is updated on a daily basis. So, what should you think about when it concerns selling on Etsy, and how do you get started? Let us take a closer look…

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The First Step in Selling on Etsy: Setting Up a Store!

Of course, if you want to progress to the point of sale on Etsy, you must first create a store. Unfortunately, Etsy does not offer every language option you desire. Many users give up their Etsy selling adventures at this point. I want to be there for you as you take your first steps into selling on Etsy and provide you with information about the entire process. Don’t worry if you don’t speak a foreign language; I’ll walk you through the process of selling on Etsy step by step.

  • You cannot participate in the Selling on Etsy process unless you have access to your Etsy account, so sign in to the Etsy Sell website.
  • At this point, all you need to do is type in the e-mail address and then press the “Continue” button.
  • In the tab that opens in front of you, type your name in the specified fields and set your password.
  • Complete your automatic registration by selecting one of the Google, Facebook, or Apple options.
  • After logging in, click the ‘Get Started’ button and scroll down to create the store page. As a result, you will have completed the first step in the process of selling on Etsy by becoming a member.

You Have Created Your Account, It’s Time to Create Your Own Store!

  • At that time, the priority action you need to take is to choose a language, country, and currency.
  • Following that, you will be given a number of choices, and you will be required to select the one that best suits you.
  • Selling is my full-time job/I sell part-time but I want to be full-time/I sell part-time and I aim to stay that way/ Other.
  • After selecting the option that suits you the most, click on the ‘Save and Count’ button.
  • After that, establish the name of the store and then continue with the ‘Save and Count’ section.
  • It’s time to load your products! In the ’Photos’ section, you need to upload photos to your products, at least 1 to a maximum of 10.
  • You can also add a 5 to 15 second video to the ’Video’ section if you want.
  • Enter the title of your product, information about it, its category, the frequency of renewal, a description of the product type, and other characteristics in the “Listing details” part.
  • In the ’Inventory and pricing’ section, choose the price of your product and the difference in both international and local prices, as well as the quantities you want to have in stock.
  • In the ’Variations’ section, you can also add other options similar to your product.
  • The “Personalization” section gives your customers an option to personalize the products.
  • In the ’Shipping’ section, you can find details about where your products are in the cargo and shipment information.
  • After all these steps, click on the “save and continue” section and continue the process of Selling on Etsy.

By Entering Your Account Information, Determine How to Get Paid!

  • Mark the country in which you operate.
  • Enter the information of the account for which you will get paid  the system.
  • Write your personal information in the specified fields.
  • Finally, add your address and phone number to the system.
  • By clicking on the ’Save and Continue’ button, you can update the payments step of your sale process on Etsy.

Update Your Store on Etsy!

  • In the process of Selling on Etsy, your store will be established when you add your pay information to the system.
  • Log in to the Etsy seller panel and edit the information about your brand. Then update the details.
  • You will now be active in the process of selling on Etsy after completing all of the steps I mentioned. You will be prepared to introduce your brand’s products or services to a general audience.

How Are the Commission Rates That Vary on Each Etsy E-Commerce Site?

Firstly, I need to share with you the information about Selling on Etsy that selling is not free. In contrast to Turkish e-commerce sites, you must pay a fee for each product you list when selling on Etsy.

Even if you don’t pay a fee to create a store in the process of Selling on Etsy, you can pay a little fee at the point of listing products. Etsy requires you to pay a sales commission on each sale that occurs. If you choose Etsy Payments as your payment method while selling on Etsy, you must pay a commission at a rate determined by the country you live in.

You will be required to pay additional fees in order to use the membership service and other comparable services, in addition to Etsy’s advertising services cost. Since Etsy is a well-known e-commerce platform, user revenue is given priority. The fees for selling on Etsy that I’ll list in a moment may differ from country to country and occasionally. What are the commission rates for selling on Etsy, then? Let’s look more closely.

  • The listing charge for each product is $0.20, and the sales commission is indicated as 6.5%. However, this is one of the prices that could change as a result of the ongoing Etsy protest.
  • In the process of Selling on Etsy, a 5% transaction fee is specified as a transaction fee.
  • The off-site advertising fee is known as 15%.

What Kind of Products Can Be Sold on Etsy?

On Etsy, a variety of goods can be offered, but the emphasis is on selling handmade or vintage items as well as hand-made creative materials. You cannot, however, act as a middleman while selling items on Etsy; only items that you have created yourself may be offered for sale.

  • What requirements must you fulfill in order to sell items that are handmade on Etsy? Come, let’s examine this more closely.
  • One of the most crucial requirements for selling on Etsy is that handmade goods be either created by you or, if not, have your design on them.
  • In the process of selling on Etsy, you must also give Etsy all the details about the partners involved in the product’s manufacture.
  • Not only handcrafts, but also your technological products can be sold If you match the requirements I’ve listed, you can  earn money by Selling on Etsy in this category.
  • The photos you use to promote your handcrafted products at the point of sale on Etsy must be completely owned and original to the product.

In order for the sale of Handcrafted Materials to take place in the process of Selling on Etsy, here are some requirements:

  • Materials such as wool, yarn or wood.
  • Tools such as sewing supplies or paintbrushes.
  • You can also sell materials such as paints in the category of handcrafted materials.

What Are the Prohibited Products for Sale on Etsy?

Things that are prohibited by Etsy  are similar to products that are prohibited from sale on every e-commerce website. The following is a list of certain items that are forbidden:

  • Products that support or may encourage violence
  • Parts of the human body, organs
  • Products with pornographic content
  • Alcoholic products or alcohol products
  • Medical drugs
  • Narcotic substances
  • Products that will support or encourage hate speech
  • Illegal products
  • Weapons and injurious products

Tips to Increase Your Sales on Etsy!

I didn’t want to finish this article without giving the advice I frequently give to those who are considering selling on Etsy in my daily life. There are a few things that are or are not covered by Etsy among these features that are identical on many e-commerce websites. I want to talk a little about this with you.

  • The first point of advice I want to provide you is that you should absolutely write a product description while taking SEO strategies into consideration. The search engine used by Etsy is identical to those used by Google, Yandex, and Bing. Therefore, using SEO strategies to describe your product can help you stand out in this section. In the process of Selling on Etsy, be sure to include keywords belonging to your store or products in the description section.
  • Giving your product photos more consideration is one of the best strategies to boost your sales when selling on Etsy. Compared to other e-commerce sites, Etsy, where artistic goods and handmade crafts are primarily sold, places more emphasis on photos.  Keep your products in the foreground with shots from different angles.
  • One approach you should definitely use to boost your sales rates when selling on Etsy is adding videos that may showcase the attractiveness of your products to your product description. Make an effort to record and post high-quality videos.
  • Analyzing your competitors is also one of the most important tactics that I will share with you in order to increase your sales while selling on Etsy. I recommend that you conduct competitor analyses in depth rather than in a brief and summary manner. Examine the ways in which your competitors share after identifying the products that receive the most interaction and are sold in your industry. This way, you can identify gaps in your industry and understand how to improve your services, while also increasing your sales while selling on Etsy.
  • If you want to see your products that you want to market in search results while selling on Etsy, I recommend that you use Etsy Advertising Campaigns. If you want to continue with this method, you should also follow the Shop Maneger_ Marketing- Etsy Ads path. You can advertise in this manner by following the steps.
  • You can increase your Etsy sales by actively using social media platforms. Etsy allows you to connect to your social media accounts so that you can share product updates as soon as possible.
  • Discounts or coupons will affect every Etsy user, just as they do on every other e-commerce site. While selling on Etsy provides a good opportunity to increase sales, it also increases buyer loyalty to the brand. If you want to increase your sales while selling on Etsy and create coupons or discounts, you must first complete the following steps: Shop Manager- Marketing- Sales and Coupons! After completing these steps, click on the New Special Offer.

After clicking, you will be prompted to select a type of discount from three options;

1) Creating a Discount: This type of discount, which aims to highlight your already-on-sale products, allows you to see them on the front page of your store as well as among the Etsy search results. You can provide a sales offer, free shipping, or a percentage discount.

2) Make Contact With High-Potential Buyers: You are the expert on your items and are aware of which customers to target. As a result, applying discounts to selling on Etsy is a pretty straightforward process. Users who have added or favorited your products to their accounts should be contacted. The discount offers you suggest in your communication with customers will generate more revenue. You will be able to connect with and sell to high-potential buyers in this way because you will have followed a more rational approach to selling on Etsy.

3) Create Coupons: Creating coupons about Selling on Etsy also attracts the consumer. If you announce the coupon you have determined with the buyers or through social media, your returns will be quite high.

Why Should You Prefer Etsy?

Unlike many e-commerce platforms, Etsy, a site that sells handmade products, was founded in Brooklyn in 2005.

If you are thoughtful and research about Selling on Etsy, you will examine benefits and drawbacks. At this point, it wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that increasing brand awareness is the first among the criteria that brands that are progressing in the process of selling on Etsy take into account.

People who make their applications to sell on Etsy express that they prefer this platform because they want to earn money in foreign currency. The number of people submitting applications to sell on Etsy is steadily rising as a result of these and similar features.

One of the e-commerce websites with the greatest visitors, Etsy, has made more than 2.3 billion dollars in revenue as of the year 2021 alone. As a result, research on selling on Etsy has grown.

One of the Curious Things About Etsy: Shipping Fees!

One of the issues that makes people hesitant about selling on Etsy is shipping fees. How much are the shipping fees during the Etsy sales process?

Let’s not forget to highlight that there are two distinct categories for delivery costs when selling on Etsy. The first heading of the previously stated cargo fee group has to do with cargo labels. Sender labels must be on packages that you want to deliver to your recipient. You should also be aware that unless you include a cargo label, the shipping of your cargo will not be permitted. Depending on the product you deliver, the cost of the label you will now receive varies. Unfortunately, I’m also unable to provide you with a precise number in this case.

You must be aware of the shipping price posted on a given good in order to calculate your shipping transaction fee for Selling on Etsy. To figure out the delivery cost, multiply the given price by 5%. You won’t need to pay manually at this stage. They calculate this amount themselves and automatically take it from your balance in order to encourage sellers on Etsy.

This brings us to the conclusion of our essay on “Selling on Etsy.” Regarding this e-commerce platform, which is not well known to the general public, I think I have covered all the information that will be helpful to you. I hope it was useful. Take very good care of yourself. See you later!

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