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Should I go to Rixos the Palm Dubai?

What's on at Rixos the Palm Dubai?

Hello all my friends, today I would like to share with you my experiences and thoughts about Rixos the Palm Dubai. People who want to come to Dubai want to search for a hotel that suits them. In this case, Rixos the Palm Hotel Suites comes into play, which wants to provide a luxury hotel experience to people who enter the vehicles.

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Should I go to Rixos the Palm Dubai?

Before you watch Dubai, it is necessary to make a reservation immediately without asking whether to go to Rixos the Palm Dubai in order to experience the holiday experience in a unique way. Before making a reservation about the hotel, I would like to talk about the planning and preliminary information of this place. If you are dreaming of staying in this hotel, I can say that you will definitely not want to leave by taking advantage of the unique experiences of the hotel.

In terms of scenery, the hotel first offers us iconic skyscrapers, the skyline of Dubai marina and the Palm Jumeirah lagoons and architectural symbols. Located in the pontoon, Rixos the Palm takes its place as an award-winning family beach.

When I first experienced the unique view, I decided that I definitely did not want to leave here. However, of course, since such a thing is not possible, I decided to live my holiday plans to the fullest and start enjoying the moment. It has been designed in such a way that it will calculate to host its guests in the best way, together with the unique view within the facility.

Rixy Kids Club

One of the other types of services within the hotel is that the holiday plan for families is also considered. Various entertainment and resting activities have been arranged for the people who will come with their families. Along with the private swimming pools I have seen, you can also benefit from the supervised rixy kids club located in the hotel.

The cocktails at the pool bar, prepared by Göksel during the day and prepared by Yunus, Emre, Çağlar and Taşkın in the evenings, are just as delicious. If you want to come and stay at the hotel, I strongly recommend that you taste these cocktails. In the restaurant part, you should definitely meet Mustafa, Şaban and Ahmet Bey. They helped me a lot during my stay. I would also like to point out that you have met Mr. Yusuf, who is responsible for guest relations.

Together with the staff consisting of professional teams, they immediately respond to all kinds of requests of the guests who will stay. They produce very good drinks and food according to the wishes and tastes of the guests. At the same time, I continue to enjoy such unique tastes as well as such a beautiful view.

Hotel Facilities

Among the experiences I had during my stay, I did not want to skip to the Anjana spa. Here, I was introduced to the daily mini-bar and wellness facilities. At the same time, Rixos the Palm Dubai as a destination is 30 kilometers from Dubai Mall Burj Khalifa, known as the world’s tallest building, and 47 kilometers from Dubai International Airport.

During my stay here, I met more than 100 international beverage brands. At the same time, I would like to draw attention to the fact that the rooms are spacious and extremely clean, which is among the comfort of the hotel. I would like you to meet the unique view opening to the window in the rooms and the mini kitchen in the room. At the same time, I cannot help but mention the comfort of the beds and pillows in the room.

The point made possible for you to do outdoor activities in this unique accommodation makes it possible for you to continue your holiday pleasure without interruption with the pleasure of sports on land and at sea. At the same time, it is possible to benefit from the services without missing the health and spa pleasure, I also heard that concerts and festivals are organized at various times. Although you did not encounter a festival during my own experience, the activities I took in the hotel were more than enough for me.

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