Ukraine Alcohol Prices

Alcohol prices in Ukraine are among the topics that many people who want to visit this country or go on vacation investigate. I will share with you the comprehensive research I have prepared on alcohol prices in Ukraine, as in every other subject. First of all, I must say that Ukraine, where the living standards are almost the same as in Turkey, is a more suitable country if a comparison is made in terms of alcohol prices.

How Are Alcohol Prices In Ukraine?

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Especially those who are considering a holiday in Ukraine are wondering how alcohol prices are in Ukraine. Drink prices in this country are more affordable when compared to Turkey. I will try to present the research I have prepared on this subject for you in the best way possible. When you look at the nightlife and market prices, the fees you will pay for alcohol will vary depending on the place you will go in this country in nightlife. I will share with you what the average prices are in the research I have done for you.

Vodka Prices in Ukraine 2021

One of the alcohols that can be found in almost every place or market in Ukraine is vodka. Especially local vodkas are offered for sale at very reasonable prices in this country. The average vodka prices in a stylish restaurant are as follows;

  • Nemiroff Original (50ml): 0.5 USD
  • Nemiroff Premium (50ml): 0.6 USD
  • Absolut Raspberry (50ml): 11 USD

Whiskey Prices in Ukraine

Whiskey prices are also very affordable in Ukraine, which is a very cheap country in terms of alcohol. You will be able to drink whiskey in Ukraine at the same price as you would drink beer in Turkey. For example, the average price you would pay for a 50ml glass for Jack Daniels is 15 USD. Again, you can pay a fee of 1.2 USD for Ballantine’s 50ml.

Beer Prices in Ukraine

Beer prices in Ukraine, which is quite affordable compared to Turkey in terms of alcohol, are also extremely low cost. Beer prices are in direct proportion to the amount of alcohol in it, with fees such as 0.5 – 1 USD.It is possible to find beer at these prices in Beer Theatre, one of the most popular venues in Ukraine. Here, the price of some special beers can exceed 1.5 USD. However, there are changes in price according to factors such as the amount of alcohol and the characteristics of the beer to be preferred. If you want to try a different Ukrainian beer and have a snack when you come here, the average price you will pay is 1.5 USD.

Alcohol prices in Ukraine are quite affordable as it is tax free. At the same time, alcohol prices in markets are much cheaper when compared to venues. When you come here, you can buy alcohol at very reasonable prices. In particular, it will be possible to find local vodka and local beers at very low prices. Only imported alcohols will have a slightly higher price than local alcohols.

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