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What is Dark Marketing ?

How is Dark Marketing Done ?

Hello again all my dear friends. Today I want to talk to you about the subject called dark marketing. When we translate the word dark marketing into Turkish, we can refer to it as dark marketing. I will talk about what dark marketing is, its advantages and examples.

Dark Marketing

The so-called dark marketing means that brands use the marketing tactics they have developed in order to reach their targeted audience. In other words, my dear friends, these brands follow an in-depth working order while using their marketing tactics. However, the target audience we are talking about here is to be presented with special marketing tactics adapted to a limited target audience. A path is followed within the scope of reaching the targeted customer profiles. This method, called dark marketing, is based on selectivity.

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By comparison, mass marketing aims to reach as many people as possible, while dark marketing aims to reach people who are their ideal customers. In other words, target audiences are created with the dark marketing technique, and this target audience is reached with interesting messages for their wishes and needs.

What are the Advantages of Dark Marketing?

The first feature that I can count among the advantages of dark marketing is that it costs much less than other marketing activities. While it requires a much higher cost when compared to mass marketing campaigns, dark marketing activity targets smaller minimal groups. Since it targets small groups, my dear friends, it causes much lower cost. Due to the separation of various sections with dark marketing campaigns, it is possible to take action on issues such as the sale and conversion of the product. So the effect rates are much higher. In the dark marketing method, reaching the target audience is much easier and in a short time. Since there is no need for a large audience, it can present the appropriate message to the narrow target audience that it has targeted much more clearly. It has the ability to manage more effectively with dark marketing-based marketing techniques. Another advantage that can be counted is that it is much easier to find out which tactic works or not in the target audience. In other words, it is much easier to conduct a controlled test with the limited population determined when the AB test is performed. It is more advantageous to adapt the method by preventing people from getting bored without presenting different ads to the same audience.

What are the Disadvantages of Dark Marketing?

Of course, Dark marketing has advantages as well as disadvantages. To count the first of these, it can disturb some masses as it is based on collecting a large amount of user data. Since large amounts of user data are intended to be collected, the issue of privacy may disturb some people. This situation, together with the messages sent on the masses, can cause the emergence of how much and what is known on the people. Of course, the emergence of such a situation can cause a negative reaction from followers and rejection of consumers. I tried to mention that dark marketing has minimal advantages as well as disadvantages. What I want to give you is that if you have a brand, I would like to tell you how to do it with the right dark marketing technique.

How is Dark Marketing Done?

I can say that with dark marketing, it is the best way to benefit from the advertising budget of your own brand to the audience you have targeted. There are a number of criteria that you should pay attention to while following this path. The first of these criteria is that you must have defined the target audience well. In other words, it is extremely important to determine who the target audience is, where, what they want and through which channel you will reach them. After determining the target audience, it is just as important to use the personalization option correctly. After defining the target audience I want to talk about here, personalized marketing campaigns need to be prepared. It is extremely important to step into this process with the right beginnings. You can include personalization options suitable for the target audience you have determined in the form of questions and answers in the survey. At the same time, it is just as important in the channel that you will reach your target audience. In other words, it is extremely important to reach the consumer through the right channel. As I mentioned in the previous title, dark marketing is very common on social media platforms, so you need to present a personalized campaign, as you will set off with the goal of creating a loyal customer profile. The question arises from which channel these campaigns will reach the target audience. In other words, the decision of which channel will be more effective is extremely important. The correct definition of the target audience at this stage depends on which social networks and sites the campaigns you will offer are used realistically.

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