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Where to Stay in Dubai?

Where Should I Go in Dubai?

Hello again, my dear friends. The subject I would like to talk about today will be the first things that those who want to come to Dubai should do. First of all, I must state that you need to know that you are going to a travel destination with a very warm and exotic atmosphere. Therefore, when making holiday plans, you do not need to put sweater boots or coats in your suitcase. You must know that you are going to a city that smells of summer.

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Where to Stay in Dubai

Before going to Dubai, I made a plan for myself. Within this plan, I was having some concerns about where I would stay before I set foot in Dubai.

While I was looking for an easy hotel to stay in Dubai, I also wanted to stay in a comfortable place. I came across many positive comments about Rixos the Palm Dubai hotel. When I searched the internet, I came across a variety of beautiful and interesting photos. And at that very moment, I said to myself: “I will definitely stay here.”

Of course, there must have been a reason for such positive comments about the hotel. I only needed a place where I could do good activities in addition to the need for eating and hosting within the hotel. While continuing to browse the website, I viewed all the activities that can be done in the hotel.

What activities are held in Rixos The Palm Dubai?

Although I had an idea in my mind that I wanted to stay here, I was considering the appropriate dates for the reservation. After I entered a suitable reservation range for me, I completed the reservation process. Notes, I would have stayed in the hotel that you had been waiting for and liked.

As I mentioned above, it is possible to perform different activities within the hotel. So what are these activities? When I checked into the hotel, I confirmed the correctness of the registration process in the reservation directly. Mr. Yusuf, who is responsible for customer relations, is very helpful by answering all the questions you ask me, so I recommend you to find Mr. Yusuf when you go there.

Activities that can be done in the hotel are in the form of outdoor activities, health and spa, concerts and festivals and rixy kids club. In addition to activities only for adults, a club has also been established for children.

You can choose with peace of mind or you can benefit from other activities. At the same time, there are various types of activities that can be done on land and sea for adults. People who will take a vacation can do their sports here with peace of mind.

What are the advantages of the hotel?

My dear friends, I guess you have various questions in your mind about staying the moment you step into Dubai. In addition to this, the fact that there is a suitable eating and drinking area for you is also an interesting subject. I strongly recommend that you meet Mustafa, Şaban and Ahmet in the fish restaurant, which is among the experiences. They helped me quite well.

If you are someone who likes bars in night life, I also recommend you to meet Göksel Bey who takes part in the daytime and Yunus Emre, Çağlar and Taşkın Bey who take part in the evenings. The cocktails they prepared still take their place on my palate. You can find the kinds of drinks and food you want in the hotel.

As a hotel management approach, the point is to provide services in a way that considers the comfort and convenience of all its guests.

As far as I have experienced and observed, I continued to stay here without any regrets as I had dreamed from the very beginning. Moreover, I easily found everything I was looking for in the hotel. I noticed that the room you stayed in was very spacious and cleanly arranged. Moreover, everything you need is thought of in the mini bar. You can watch movies or TV series on television in a practical way by preparing a drink for yourself as you wish. All kinds of things that the guests might need are thought of in the room, and I noticed that attention is paid to this point not only in the room but also in the whole hotel. I highly recommend Rixos the Palm Dubai hotel to you.

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