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Who Are the Most Effective Influencers?

Greetings After a brief break, I am pleased to see you again and to introduce you to Turkey’s most significant influencers. I’ll try to explain a fairly complex subject to you in its simplest form and by using examples. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

To begin with, we are all aware that the marketing universe has grown immensely and is beginning to reveal its patterns. At the same time as new methods of marketing are being developed on a daily basis, brand owners are attempting to get a foothold in this wide-ranging field. What I describe as this field is actually the marketing universe. It’s like a new game; every day when several players leave, new faces appear before us, even if their absence is not noticed. It is like a game that every day, as numerous players leave, new faces arise in front of us, even if their absence is not noticed.

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Undoubtedly, marketing conversions performed via social media are significantly better and more effective. Influencers are the heroes who also take on the most important task in marketing. Who are these people who can direct us after the screening? Why does it affect us so much and who are the most effective influencers? Let’s look at these questions together…

What is the Importance of Marketing Through Influencers?

Dear friends, we have discussed how the marketing world is enormous and the people who play the primary role in this universe are influencers. So, what makes these influencers so important? How important is their place in marketing? Let’s evaluate them with numerical data…

The year 2021 saw significant changes in the world of marketing as a result of the pandemic’s influence, and the importance of e-commerce increased significantly. The size of influencer marketing has increased to about $10 billion all over the world. In Türkiye, the marketing ratio has increased in binary digits over the last five years. Even these two pieces of digital data clearly illustrate the importance of influencer marketing.

How to Identify the Most Effective Influencers

If you say, “You explained very well, but how should we believe it?” How should we know it’s not a random list? ” I believe it would be much more suitable to start by making a statement like this. On social media, which is such an important marketing platform, no one is chosen for their beauty.

Each influencer’s comments, likes, or number of video views and followers are calculated separately. On the other hand, not every follower follows for his liking, but sometimes for criticism or malice. Therefore, the changes of positive and negative followers and the frequency of content production are determined by specific algorithms, and the reality status is determined.

Instagram’s Most Successful Macro And Mega Influencers

TikTok, Twitch, and YouTube are the top platforms where influencers who have the most followers on the social networking site, Instagram, are generally successful. It’s not difficult to understand why. Having a young audience

Instagram’s top 10 macro influencer sequences are as follows: Mehmet Oğuzhan Özyetiş, Zeynep Buse Korkmaz, Rachel Araz Kiresepi, Ataberk Doğan, Cihan Cavlak, Kemal Can Parlak, Eda Sakız, Ferit Karakaya, Mustafa Yavuz ve Ecenaz Üçer…

Among the top ten most successful Instagram mega influencers are Ece Ronay, Tukan Gönültaş, Mesut Can Tomay, Elanur, Özkan Sağın, Yaren Alaca, Merve Yalçn, Özgür Deniz Cellat, Damla Can, and Ceren Yaldız.

The Most Popular Youtube Influencers

Influencers who share almost every moment with their followers on YouTube, where we can easily find everything we’re looking for, are also very interested and capable of capturing their audience’s attention.Damla Altun, Orkun Iştmak, Enes Batur, Şeyda Erdoan, Alper Rende, Kafalar, Danla Bilic, Meryem Can, Betül Çakmak, Rachel Araz are the names that have had the most success.

The Most Important Name In The Recently Ascending Trend: “Tiktok”

The most successful influencers on this platform are also very young. From the creators’ point of view, videos such as dance fiction and provocation, as well as make-up videos, have been seen to attract a great deal of attention. So, what are the most popular names for TikTok?

Röportaj Adam, Ceren Yaldz, Cellatınız, selcukbuyuk, cemresolmaz, Aslı Güler, uberkuloz, merveyalcin, alitopraxx, Yeliz Korkmaz…

Popular names and lists are like this, dear readers. I hope you will consider what I have written for you and choose the right influencer for your brand. I’ll see you later.

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