Who’s Roll-Royce?

The Sad Love Story Behind Rolls-Royce's Iconic Emblem

Hello my dear readers. Today we will talk to you about a world-famous brand, Roll-Royce. I aim to pass on little-known information about this Marc to you. First of all, who is Roll-Royce? We examine the answer to the question.

Who is Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce is a British luxury car and aero-engine manufacturing company. Founded in 1906, it is known for producing some of the world’s most iconic luxury cars and for being a leading producer of aircraft engines. The company has a long history of innovation and engineering excellence, and its cars and engines are renowned for their reliability, performance, and luxury. Today, Rolls-Royce is a global company with a presence in over 50 countries and continues to be a leader in the luxury car and aerospace industries.

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The sad love story behind the iconic emblem of Rolls-Royce

Behind the story of the iconic statue “Spirit of Ecstasy” on the hood of Rolls-Royce lies the sad love story of Lord Montagu and Eleanor Velasco Thornton.


The British automobile company Rolls-Royce, as it is known, came into existence with the combination of Engineer Henry Royce and Charles Rolls, the owner of the UK’s first motor vehicle dealership. The brand, which emerged with the mission of producing personalized cars, takes its name from the combination of the surnames of Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, while the hyphen in between symbolizes the loyalty and devotion between the two.


There is no doubt that a lot of fine details come to mind when Rolls-Royce is mentioned. One of them is the “Spirit of Ecstasy” on the hood of their cars, a graceful statue of a woman leaning towards the wind, arms outstretched and her dress floating as if it were flying. Founded in 1904, the iconic statue of the brand was not found in the first cars they produced. Behind the story of this statuette, which was revealed exactly 7 years after its foundation, lies a secret and passionate love story between Lord John Walter Edward Douglas-Scott-Montagu, a pioneer in the automobile movement, and his secretary, Eleanor Velasco Thornton.

Designed by sculptor Charles Sykes in 1910, the first hood ornament was ordered by Lord Montagu, 2nd Baron of Beaulieu, who came from a noble English family that owned a Rolls-Royce. Lord Montagu’s secretary, Elenor Thornton, was the model for the hood ornament to be designed at his behest. Shortly after the young woman took a job with Lord Montagu in 1902, the two fell in love. But Lord Montagu was married, and that love was never openly experienced, both because of the wedlock and because of Thornton’s social status. After a while, a daughter of the couple was born. Wanting to symbolize their secret love, Lord Montagu asked Elenor to model the statuette designed for the hood of her car. The sculptor Sykes then modeled Elenor in a flowing gown and originally named this iconic hood ornament “The Whisperer”.


In 1915, Lord Montagu and Elenor were on a business trip, and the ship they were on capsized. As a result of the accident, Elenor died. Lord Montagu, who survived the accident, died 14 years after Elenor. Today, the secret love of the duo is still alive in the iconic emblem of Rolls Royce cars, the Spirit of Ecstasy.


Secret love unfortunately ended tragically. Lord and his lover go on a business trip by ship. The ship capsizes. Lord Mantagu survives. However, Thornton drowns. Lord dies 14 years later.


The first Spirit of Ecstasy figurines were seven inches (about 18 cm) high. Today, this figurine, which is three inches (7.5 cm) smaller, is housed in a special slot in the hood. When the engine starts, it comes out thanks to a precisely designed mechanism.



Features of Rolls-Royce Automobiles

When it comes to Rolls-Royce car features, excellence comes to mind first, followed by durability. Every material used in Rolls Royce cars is selected from the highest quality. Rolls-Royce cars are quiet, stable and have great handling. According to an exaggerated legend, an egg placed on the hood of a Rolls-Royce car does not fall, even when the vehicle is in motion. The interior design of Rolls-Royce cars is also truly captivating. Even the leather materials used in their seats are only obtained from private breeders.


The lines on the sides of these cars are prepared by a single person. The lines, prepared with only a little support, are completely error-free and are the highest level of human workmanship in this field. However, since the person who prepared the line is getting old, he is training an apprentice today and it is expected that the apprentice will replace the master in the coming years.


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