How much is the iPhone 12 in Ukraine? Should You Buy a Phone From Ukraine?

Since the iPhone 12 has been on the market, it is being investigated how much it is in different countries, since it is very expensive in our country. I have researched for you how much is the iPhone 12 in Ukraine, which is among the most curious about this subject.

I would like to state that it can be purchased from many countries at more affordable prices than in our country. Since we pay too much tax, it can almost double until the devices arrive in our country. Therefore, you may want to buy devices from different countries like everyone else.

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Apple Ukraine representative also made a statement on this subject. When we look at the incoming statement, it was informed to us that the increase orders will start to be placed as of October 23 and it will be put on the market as of October 30.

When we look at the iPhone 12 prices in Ukraine;

  1. iPhone 12 64GB – 20,899 UAH
  2. iPhone 12 128GB – 22,999 UAH
  3. iPhone 12 256GB – 37,999 UAH
  4. iPhone 12 Pro 128GB – 29,399 UAH,
  5. iPhone 12 Pro 256GB – 31,499 UAH
  6. iPhone 12 Pro was announced as 512 GB – 51,999 UAH.

Buying iPhone 12 in Ukraine

You should also do a good research while buying iPhone 12 in Ukraine. I wanted to show you what the prices are by doing a good research for you. But on the other hand, you need to know that it is necessary to make a passport or something like registration process. Even if the iPhone 12 and pro models are more suitable for our country from many countries such as Ukraine, the registration process still comes into play. We used to pay less for the registration on the passport.

In 2015, we were able to make the devices usable in Turkey by paying a fee of only 200 TL. However, we need to know that the procedures have become more difficult after this has increased to around 1500 TL recently.

Even if we buy the devices at affordable prices, unfortunately, we need to get the results of good research, since the opening part will come into play.


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