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What is Martech ?

Data-driven Martech Businesses to Take Center Stage

Hello my dear readers. Our title today is Martech. MarTech defines the software that software marketers use to carry out their activities and achieve their goals. It uses technology to plan, execute, measure campaigns and perform other marketing tactics. You will find the answers to all your questions about Martech in the following headings.

Data-Driven Martech Businesses Will Come to the Fore

In today’s technology era, which is undergoing a unique transformation, new terms emerge as technology enters our lives. Concepts such as ‘EduTech’ in education, ‘AdTech’ in advertising, ‘BrandTech’ in brands, ‘FinTech’ in finance, and ‘AgTech’ in agriculture, which emerged from the combination of two words, became the pioneers of applications that are gaining more and more importance in our lives. Marketing was also directly affected by the rapid digital technology transformation that deeply affected life and took the world to a different era. There were two important factors in the formation of marketing technology known as MarTech. While the first of these is rapid advances in digital technology, the second and most important one is the rapid change in the new digital consumer, called the Y and Z generation, and the metamorphosis in spending habits, shopping experiences and purchasing behaviors.

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MarTech can be defined as a connected application that focuses on solutions as a technology that a company uses to meet its marketing, commercial and similar purposes. Good management of the coexistence of the three disciplines and fields is in question in this sense. In short, data-driven MarTech; As the sum of “Marketing-Strategy-Technology”, the synergy created by the unity and harmony of these three components is important. This necessitates a link between doing business and their actions, as well as uninterrupted communication between employees and departments that are traditionally structured in silos.

Today, disruptive technology, which forces change and has become a force, transforms companies as well as marketing management and employees. There is a need for managers who are entrusted with digital transformation and digital processes and who can manage the digital transformation journey correctly, who can be the pioneers of change and at the same time be the leaders of digital transformation. This; He is a new type of manager who has change management competence, skills to apply human-oriented digital approaches, can create a digital culture and spread it to the entire company, and has an innovative, flexible, agile and entrepreneurial management approach.


Martech Ecosystem

With the acceleration of digitalization, technology and innovation entered into a transformation. Thus, it has directed marketing technologies from being purely sales/business target-oriented to a data, human, and therefore consumer-oriented evolution. Changing habits such as the ever-changing touch points, the complex marketing communication ecosystem, the message bombardment that consumers are exposed to, the consumption of multiple screens, and the use of multiple devices have made us turn to more data and personalized communication based on data.


Bringing the brand experience to a different dimension, VR, AR etc. Technologies will not only have the power and capacity to influence the consumer experience from the beginning to the end, but will also be more involved in our lives. The most basic way of communicating with consumers and providing a brand experience is through technology and innovation. E-commerce, which has not been able to realize its potential according to the level of digitalization, has accelerated by overcoming the barriers during the pandemic period. E-commerce has grown not only in volume but also in the number of users during this period. Technology investments, which brands abstained from before the pandemic, became a necessity in the pandemic. In this period, when habits changed from beginning to end, the way to communicate with consumers and create a brand experience passed through technology. The information society has made a rapid transition to the next known stage of the digital transformation utopia, with the extraordinary conditions provided by the pandemic. While directing this change in social media, it also accelerated the renewal process.

These effects were permanent during the “new normal” period when we left the pandemic effect behind. In addition, the protection of personal data in an accurate and reliable way and the creation of new solutions in this direction came to the fore. It has become more important than ever before that the experience offered by brands to customers is user-friendly, practical, fast and smart. Leading social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Facebook, Tiktok have become a big and active part of this transformation.

In addition, we can mention that communication (chatbots) that speaks more with the new normal has a great impact on transforming marketing technologies.

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