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Why Do Brands Use Blue Logos?

What is the Advantage of Blue Logo?

Hello my dear friends, have you ever thought why brands use blue logos? In fact, the color blue has an important place in the color palettes preferred by the brands. There are also psychological reasons behind this choice. Blue color is associated with positive traits such as confidence, loyalty, calmness and professionalism. For this reason, many brands try to instill confidence and a sense of expertise in their customers by using a blue logo. In this article, we will discuss the psychological effects of the color blue on brands and how it increases brand value.

Why Do Brands Use Blue Logos?

Blue color is one of the most preferred colors in the world. So, why do brands use blue logos? The most important reason for this preference is that the color blue creates a harmonious, peaceful and reliable effect on people. For this reason, many brands resort to the color blue, aiming to instill a sense of trust and loyalty in their customers.

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  • While many communication and technology companies prefer the color blue;
  • Banks use the color blue to give a sense of reliability;
  • In the clothing, textile, food and cosmetics sectors, brands use the color blue to convey the message of attractiveness, beauty and simplicity.

In general, the colors used by brands have an impact on people’s feelings and purchasing behaviors. Therefore, color selection is very important for a brand. If a brand chooses the right colors, it becomes easier to impress the target audience.

Why Is Blue Color Preferred in Brands?

There are many discussions about why the blue color is preferred in brands. When choosing the color blue, many brands also consider the psychological effects behind this decision. According to many studies, the color blue represents confidence and stability. For this reason, many financial institutions and banks use the color blue in their logos. Another reason is that the color blue evokes a sense of tranquility and peace. In addition, since the color blue represents fluency, technology and innovation, many technology companies include the color blue in their logos. It should be noted that when choosing the colors of the brands, they also consider their target audiences and sectors. For example, the use of the color blue in the food industry is not preferred, because the color blue usually causes loss of appetite for eating and drinking. However, in the health sector, blue is often used because it represents professionalism and trust.

What are the Psychological Effects of Blue Color?

Blue evokes features such as security, thoughtfulness, simplicity and professionalism in the perception of brands. The psychological effects of the color blue are quite diverse. For example, the color blue is known to calm people and give them peace. In addition, the use of the color blue evokes features such as popularity, simplicity and prestige. However, excessive use of the color blue can sometimes create a cold and unfeeling effect. Blue also creates a feeling of security, sterility and cleanliness. Therefore, it is frequently used in the medical and health sectors. In another example, the color blue is considered appropriate for sports brands because it gets people moving.

How to Choose Brand Colors?

The colors of the brands reflect the unique personality of the brand and can also affect the consumers’ perception of the brand. Which colors are chosen should be done carefully, taking into account the brand’s target audience, industry and message it is targeting.

Analyze Your Audience

Choose Colors That Suit Your Industry

  • Food and beverage industry: Red, orange, brown, black
  • Technology sector: Blue, black, white
  • Health and beauty sector: Blue, green, lilac, white
  • Sports sector: Red, yellow, green

Does Blue Color Increase Brand Value?

Many brands use a strategy of giving their customers a sense of trust and reliability by using the color blue as their brand identity. For example, big technology companies such as IBM, Facebook, Samsung emphasize their reliability and prestige by using the color blue.

  • Blue color is widely preferred in law firms, banks and health institutions.
  • The color blue is also used by brands that offer financial services.
  • However, the use of blue colored logos is not limited to these sectors. Many brands use the color blue to increase the value of their brands.

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