How was Tiktok founded?

How was Tiktok founded?

Greetings to all friends, Tiktok, one of the most popular applications of the social media world in recent years, has reached millions of users in a short time. The application, which started with the name Douyin in China in 2016 and later became Tiktok, attracts great attention, especially by young users. So how was Tiktok founded and how was its development process? How many users worldwide? How do Tiktok’s security and privacy policies work? What is the number and impact of users in Turkey? In this article, I will discuss these questions in detail and give information about the popularity and future of Tiktok.

How was Tiktok founded?

Tiktok is one of the most popular social media platforms today. However, many people are unaware of how this app was born and why it has become so popular. In this article, I will go into a little more detail about how Tiktok was formed and developed. In 2008, Chinese entrepreneur Zhang Yiming started working as a website and mobile app designer. In 2012, Yiming founded a company called ByteDance and launched Toutiao, a news sharing app for smartphones. In 2016, inspired by Toutiao’s success, Yiming decided to develop Tiktok.

The app became especially popular among young people and soon had billions of users around the world. Its founder, Zhang Yiming, is very happy with the success of his company. Yiming continues to work on making the platform even more popular with users all over the world. It seems that Tiktok will continue to be one of the most used social media platforms in the future.

How Many Users of Tiktok Worldwide?

This application has a large number of users and their number is increasing day by day. Tiktok attracts attention with the number of users around the world. Currently, the number of users worldwide is more than 1 billion. This makes Tiktok one of the most used social media platforms. It is very popular, especially among young audiences.

The popularity of the app is increasing due to Tiktok trends among teens. Tiktok is considered a platform where users can easily showcase their creativity. Offering an entertaining experience to both users and viewers, the application stands out with this feature at a time when instant videos are popular.

How did Tiktok grow in popularity and why did it become so popular?

Tiktok, which is very popular among young people, has had millions of users in a short time. So what are the reasons why Tiktok is so popular? First, the app is pretty easy to use. Users can express themselves by creating short videos. These videos can be enriched with different effects, filters and music. This allows users to create fun videos using their own creativity.

Another reason is that Tiktok is interactive. Users can like, comment and follow each other’s videos. This creates a community among users. Also, the “For You” section of the app offers users recommendations based on their interests and shows popular videos. Besides, the viral video potential of the app is quite high.

How Tiktok’s Security and Privacy Policies Work

Tiktok, like many technology companies, takes important steps for data privacy and security. The application collects various data including the user’s GPS location, browser history, advertising data, device ID, a list of the phone book and interests of the user. However, in the application privacy settings, the user offers the option to manage and control the collected information. It stores data in certain countries to protect users’ information and imposes certain limitations on third-party service providers. Also, as Tiktok expressly states, it is committed to never share the user’s data with third parties or governments. To protect the privacy of its users, it does the following:

  • Storing users’ data in certain countries
  • To impose certain restrictions on third parties
  • Never share users’ data with third parties or governments

What is the Number of Users and Impact of Tiktok in Turkey?

As of 2019, Tiktok has reached 1 billion active users worldwide. In Turkey, the number of users is over 10 million. Plaftorm, which has a great impact especially among young users in our country, has also attracted the attention of many famous names. Tiktok’s most popular videos in Turkey are in the categories of dance, singing, makeup and comedy. It is also very sensitive about the privacy and security of its users. Anything ordered or personal information sent in the application is deleted in line with the request from the users. Parallel to its popularity around the world, it is seen as a promising social media platform. Offering a different user experience than other social media platforms, the application has a structure suitable for the multiple and rapid content consumption habits of the young generation.

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