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Mcdonald’s Packaging Design Turning into a Table

McDonald's is Modernizing the Brand

McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food restaurant company serving 69 million customers a day, designed packaging boxes that can turn into tables so that they can easily consume their takeaway orders.

At Milan Design Week, a surprise brand made efforts for originality with designers from all over the world. McDonald’s left its mark on the event, where we frequently saw fashion brands. The fast food giant, which designed an eye-catching packaging that can be folded and turned into a table at the same time for its customers’ takeaway orders, managed to get full marks from the guests who came to the event. McDonald’s, which could not host all the attendees due to the crowd of at least 400 thousand people, collaborated with Leo Burnett to offer its guests a mysterious and well thought-out option.

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Package Designs Focusing on Products from McDonald’s

McDonald’s manages to highlight the features of its products with vector style illustration in package and packaging designs, which are renewed through pearlfisher. Burger king changed its logo, which it had been using for more than 20 years, to a mysterious identity with its digital-friendly and very simple visual designs. It adds happiness to the brand by redesigning all its packaging and packages from McDonald’s, the permanent rival of fast food companies. packs reflect the cheerful outlook of the brand. The packages, designed through the Pearlfisher creative agency, draw attention with their vibrant colors and bold graphics. The most iconic and most recognizable aspect of each item makes the difference. Nu also allows McDonald’s to actively use it in brand positioning

Aesthetically Minimal Packaging and Packages

Pearlfisher, who wants to see the cheerful side of McDonald’s, allows graphic representations of the products instead of the messages in the package design. It prefers to use vector-style illustrations over old package designs that take a more typographical approach. To give an example, some of the hamburgers are presented, which are cut in width by cariculating the structure of the contents of the box hamburger of the Big Mac. On the Cheese Quarter Poundder menu, you get the feeling of cold blue waves in the melted cheese Filet-O-Fish.

McDonald’s takes great care to ensure that its new packaging is both fun and memorable. By looking at the packages, it is possible to easily guess which product belongs to what. The colors chosen, which are quite close to the color palette of the relatively brand, are just as effective in increasing recognition. From McFlurry to Big Mac, Egg McMuffin to Fries.  The fact that each of the designs extending to the packages has a very distinctive design ensures that the employees do not have any difficulties while doing the packaging processes.

McDonald’s Modernizes the Brand with a Redesign

Matt Sia, the highly creative director of Pearlfisher, emphasizes that they care about making the packaging functional, emotional, aesthetically minimal, recognizable and emotionally entertaining. McDonald’s aims to remind the customers what kind of brand they are and what their goals are, with packages reaching more than 60 million people every day.

Packaging Design Prepared for McDonald’s Will Warm Your Heart

Designer and student Regina Lim, A packaging was designed for McDonald’s upon designing a cheerful and entertaining meal package that uses sustainable products, reduces the use of plastic, but preserves the functionality of the original packaging, is also sustainable through play and teaches the environment for children. This Happy Meal Packaging aims to be more sustainable compared to the original Happy Mea2 by removing all plastic toys and plastic packaging. Educational items such as infographics and AR items are printed on the bottom of the packaging, making the packaging interactive and highly educational. In this package, children can use Happy Meal toys and animal figures in the packages in connection with the package.

McDonald’s Agreed With Alexander Wang For Packaging And Bag Design

McDonald’s has contracted with famous fashion designer Alexander Wang to produce a limited number of carry products and packaging. According to a report by Alizila of Alibaba Group, McDonald’s Tmall collaborated with the design team for the Super Brand day sales event to launch the Gold Collection featuring luxury lunch bag style items. These products, which were produced in limited numbers, were sold in seconds.

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