How was McDonald’s Founded?

Hello, I’m back with a new post. When I want to have a snack or order food, the first thing that comes to mind is a hamburger. Burgers will always be my favorite food, no matter how old I get. And when I think of hamburgers, only one image comes to mind. That delicious McDonald’s hamburger… I thought to myself, and I wanted to research this topic and then share it with you. I can’t wait to tell you the establishment and growth story of one of the world’s giant brands. If you’re ready, shall we start?

McDonald’s, a pioneer in the industry, is a brand formed by the partnership of two brothers, but its development has been very different. In San Bernardino, California, USA, two brothers named Richard and Maurice McDonald are setting a precedent by bringing the perfect taste to people faster and cheaper. These events are referred to as taking place in 1940. Isn’t it a joke, if you think about it?

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The original goal was to provide low-income or impoverished individuals with affordable and delectable meals. However, the service now supports over 34,000 businesses in 119 different countries. In fact, this phenomenal rise is not just a result of the success of the two brothers.

One day, a man named Ray Krock actually admires the eatery that these two brothers have started. Although it initially provided a menu with a variety of options, the food was produced faster than at other restaurants and served to customers at a lower cost.And if that wasn’t enough, the food that results from efficient effort by a limited number of people tastes great.

What Kind of Strategy Has McDonald’s Developed?

The world’s largest chain of “quick service restaurants” was also made possible by the system the McDonald brothers created to deal with the growing competition. They started using paper plates and napkins and limited their extensive menu to hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, drinks, and desserts, which reduced the variety and lowered the cost of the hamburger by half. People with less money could, of course, prefer themselves as a result. Maximum efficiency was achieved by adjusting the kitchen’s layout based on a working system with few components and an efficient working system. In addition, they opted for self-service and takeaway service rather than car service. They thereby became more popular, drawing. Thus, they began to be frequented not only by young people but also by families with children. In a short time, this layout was automatically provided with a high turnover.

All of this has enabled McDonald’s to serve more than 34,000 restaurants in 119 countries worldwide. Those flavors, which originated in the hands of two brothers with a small budget from a small shop, were presented to people using advanced and correct marketing techniques that have evolved over time. According to rumors, the Donald brothers did not like Krock at first and were concerned that he would harm their business. However, their predictions turned out to be incorrect. This flavor continues to spread from a small area to the entire world, adding fame to its reputation every day.

Mr. Krock does not known whether Donald’s brothers have the greatest luck or the worst luck, but if I’m going to view this matter from my own perspective, I owe Mr. Krock a thank you, and I expect the same from you, because Mc Donald’s is undoubtedly among the tastiest hamburgers I’ve ever tasted. Take care of yourself and I hope to see you soon.


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