Do Ukraine Winters Get Too Cold?

We have always talked about the beauty of summer, about our country of wonders, Ukraine, which steals everyone’s hearts with its historical beauties and is the favorite of tourists with its entertainment areas, right? Let’s take a look at the winter side of our beautiful country Ukraine, which is one of the most preferred areas for vacations in the summer months with its natural habitats, cultural areas, entertainment centers and historical structure. So does Ukraine get very cold in winter? The answer to this question, which is wondered by many people, is in the continuation of our article.

We never talked about the winter in Ukraine, which is as beautiful as a summer paradise and is preferred by many tourists every year with these beauties. We can say that we got lost in talking about the beauties of summer. Although Ukraine, which receives thousands of brain drains a year in terms of vital factors, seems to be preferred only for holidays, no. In fact, in Ukraine, which is preferred only by holidaymakers for a few months in summer, the number of people who want to live in winter and become a citizen of the country is quite high. Let’s talk about the winter beauties of Ukraine now.

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How Many Degrees In The Winter In Ukraine? Living Conditions in Ukraine in Winter.

Although Ukraine has a very exciting and active life in summer, this is not the case in winter. Can you make a winter forecast for our beautiful country Ukraine? Ukraine’s degree of coldness is not at the same level as Russia or Turkey. Ukraine, as we know, has a continental climate. Ukraine, which is colder than Turkey due to its location in the north, has a milder winter than Russia. In the northeast of the country, the average temperature in January is -7 degrees, and in the southwest it is around +4 degrees. Well, what kind of activities can be done in the winter in Ukraine, the country of fun and color in summer? Here are the winter beauties of Ukraine…

Bukovel Ski Center

Bukovel ski resort, one of the most famous ski resorts of western Ukraine, is the kind that will enthrone the hearts of ski lovers. Here you can easily access everything you may need for skiing. In fact, we can say that there is no long story short.

Kosino Thermal Spa Complex

The place whose name you just read may be the same place that you see in your dreams or read in fairy tales. Imagine a pool with thermal water flowing through the snow. Don’t let the cold scare you.

Odessa Winter Sea

Now imagine walking on a dock. But this dock is not a place as you know it. You will fall in love with Odessa Winter Sea, one of the best places to spend the winter.

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