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How Getir Became a Brand ?

Getir was founded in Turkey in April 2015 by Nazım Salur. Getir is designed to provide an affordable and fast service. The company aims to provide its customers with instant delivery of the products they need in daily life. Getir first started to operate in Istanbul and then spread to other cities in Turkey.

Getir has been recognized as Turkey’s most popular get-delivery service in a very short time. As the company aims to meet the needs of its customers immediately, it has worked to provide fast and reliable service.

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Getir Product Delivery

Getir not only provides product delivery service but also strives to be an environmentally friendly company.

Getir has been very successful in providing a successful service to date. The company always prioritizes customer satisfaction and continuously improves on providing quality service. Getir aims to provide the best service to its customers and to maintain its leading position in the sector in the future.

Getir is one of the first companies to offer get-delivery services in Turkey and has pioneered many companies in this field. In addition, Getir aims to further improve the experience of its customers by using up-to-date technologies.

In summary, Getir is in a leading position among many companies offering get-delivery services in Turkey. It can be defined as a company that constantly works to provide fast, reliable, and affordable service and always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Marketing Strategies

Getir is a market and catering company established in Turkey to meet fast and practical household needs. Marketing strategies have been created to increase customer service and quality and to differentiate from competitors.

Mobile Application and Website: Getir offers a user-friendly mobile application and website to enable its customers to meet their needs quickly and easily. Fast Delivery: Getir offers a fast delivery service to minimize the waiting time of its customers. Deliveries are usually completed within 30 minutes.

Wide Product Range: Getir offers a wide range of products to meet the household needs of its customers. Products include food, hygiene, household needs, and many more. Price Competition: Getir is constantly competing for prices in order to provide its customers with the most affordable prices.

Customer Service: Getir strives to provide the best customer service to its customers. Customers can reach the customer service team around the clock whenever they encounter any problem or issue.

Advertising and Promotion: Getir organizes an extensive advertising and promotion campaign. Advertisements are made on different channels such as social media, television, and digital platforms.

Customer Relations: Getir works to improve customer relations in order to continuously add value to its customers.

Collaborations and Promotions: Getir organizes collaborations and promotions to add more value to its customers and increase its market share. For example, it may offer special discounts or free services during certain periods.

Social Responsibility Projects: Getir organizes social responsibility projects to realize beneficial projects in society. These projects increase the trust and loyalty of customers and positively affect the brand image.

Product Quality: Getir constantly controls product quality in order to provide its customers with the highest quality products.

These marketing strategies aim for Getir to provide the best service to its customers and increase its market share. In addition, it is aimed to increase customer loyalty and positively affect the brand image.

How Did Getir Become a Brand?

The question of how Getir became a brand has been the subject of curiosity by many people. Getir has focused on providing the best service to its customers since its establishment. The company aims to differentiate itself with its product and service quality, customer satisfaction and environmentally friendly approaches. This approach has helped Getir to meet the expectations of its customers and increase brand awareness.

Getir aims to continuously improve in providing fast and secure service. The company makes many innovations to help its customers save time and energy. For example, it offers a mobile app that allows its customers to order easily. It also works to make payment transactions easy and secure.

Getir also works to provide the best experience to its customers at all times. The company aims to develop its customer service team and meet the expectations of its customers.

  Getir is a brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction, innovation, speed, and safety. The company is one of the best companies among many companies offering get-delivery services in Turkey.

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