Why Media Markt is Celebrating Black Friday?

Establishment History of Media Markt Store

Why Is Media Markt Celebrating Black Friday?

Why is Media Markt celebrating Black Friday is a frequently asked question. For the answer to this question, it is necessary to learn what Black Friday means.

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Black Friday

The day that is considered as the Friday following the last Thursday of November, which is celebrated as Thanksgiving in the USA, is called Black Friday. It is a campaign name that is accepted as a shopping festival organized around the world. This shopping festival, which is known as legendary Friday or magnificent Friday in Turkey, is known for offering discounts of up to 80% by many brands.

Where Does the Name Black Friday Come From?

The start date set by the United States for Christmas shopping from 1932 to the present has been accepted as the last Friday of November. This day, which falls on the last Friday of November, which is celebrated as Thanksgiving in the USA, has been called Black Friday since 1961.

There are rumors that explain the meaning of this day.

  • According to the first rumor, the discounts on Black Friday are so much that they cause almost chaos in Philadelphia, USA. Shops that offer discounts of up to 80% and the people who hear about them flock to the stores, and when thousands of tourists come to the city for the army-navy football match, life in the city of Philadelphia has come to a standstill. Overcrowding in the city; This caused heavy traffic, a stampede, and even the loss of their lives by crushing the store employees under the right, causing the stores to be looted. When the police officers in the city used the term “Black Friday” in their radio announcements to refer to these events, this day began to be called Black Friday.
  • According to a second rumor, the stores in the United States of America record profits in black and losses in red when recording accounting details manually. While many stores record their transactions with loss, that is, in red for most of the year, the next day of Thanksgiving, the expenditures in these records are recorded with profit, that is, in black.

About Media Markt

Media Markt, the electronics retailer known as Europe’s clear winner, offers a wide range of products from computers and mobile phones to television and video systems, from home theater systems to cameras and cameras, from game consoles to white goods and small household appliances – numerous products of merchandising and online retailing. offers integrated advantages to its customers.

Media Markt, which is part of Ceconomy, provides services under the umbrella of Saturn Retail Group, with more than 50 years of experience, with more than 1,000 stores in 13 countries and more than 65 thousand employees. Apart from Turkey, they host an average of 2.1 billion visitors annually with their stores in countries such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and Sweden.

It opened its first store in Turkey in September 2007 in Ümraniye, Istanbul. In 2013, it succeeded in making its name known more by launching its online sales channel.

Establishment History of Media Markt Store

In 1998, Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, Germany’s largest chain of stores, acquired 54% of this company and took over the management. In 1190, one of the biggest rivals of the Media Markt brand, Saturn Hansa, also enlarged its own brand by incorporating it and the company’s name was shaped as Media – Saturn – Holding GmbH. Media – Saturn – Holding has expanded its own brand even more as a result of opening many more branches in Germany and many different European countries. Today, Metro Group holds 74.41%, which is the majority of the shares of Media – Saturn – Holding.

From 1989 until 2011, Metro Group has opened 610 different branches in 15 different countries. In this way, the Media Mark brand has made its name known to the world in its full sense.

The Reason for Preferring the Media Mark Brand

  • Founded by Leopold Stiefer, Walter Gunz, Erich Kellerhals and Helga Kellerhals, this brand has made a name for itself in the world with the idea of “making one but quite big store instead of many small stores and selling electronic goods much more affordable than its competitors”.
  • It is a preferred brand thanks to its wholesale and retail sales at affordable prices.
  • Its numerous stores and reliability have driven people to Media Markt stores.
  • In order not to waste the SEO energy of the brand, they carried out studies by prioritizing the pinpoint and high-importance works

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