Tax Administration Inspections In Ukraine

Tax Administration Inspections are also developing seriously in Ukraine, which is changing day by day. Another innovation has come to these taxes, which will soon begin to live in Ukraine and are closely related to those living in Ukraine. When you, my dear readers, sent me your questions about this subject, I prepared an article for you by getting information from Invest Plus. Here we go…

With the start of the new year, many laws that closely concern Ukrainian citizens became one of the topics of discussion. Controls of incomes, conditions under which tax must be paid and conditions under which tax should not be paid were recently announced. The Ukrainian state has announced that no tax will be paid for the only vehicle, savings of close to 400 thousand hryvnia, and residential real estates whose area does not exceed 120 square meters. This situation relieved the people of Ukraine to some extent. In Ukraine, the planned inspections of the tax administration were officially announced at the beginning of the year. So, under what conditions will citizens of Ukraine be inspected?

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 Under What Conditions Will Ukraine Tax Administration Planned Inspections Be Conducted?

– If the level of income tax payment paid to the Ukrainian government is 50% lower than the average compared to other enterprises in the sector;

 – The company has relations with counterparties in sought or closing transactions and the transaction amount is more than 5% of the total volume, but not less than 100 thousand Hryvnia;

 – If there is a suspicion that the owner of the company is evading taxes,

 – If fictitious transactions are suspected

 – If there is a problem such as not being able to submit tax reports in two reporting periods

 – Controls if the business is searched or closed (bankruptcy); will be re-examined by the government. In a possible case, the tax offices of the Ukrainian government will start the proceedings.

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