The Importance of a Logo

Hello! I am here again with a new essay and a topic that I think is quite important; the importance of the logo! There have been many occasions in which you can recognize a brand because of its logo even if its name is not clearly apparent. Without your awareness, your brain does this on the principle of automatically filling in the space for you. All the details about this topic that are really important are in the rest of my article. I absolutely suggest reading it.

Despite feeling receptive to all kinds of innovations as new brands enter our lives on a daily basis, it is not how we are. For instance, when you need a shoe and go shopping for it, the reason you unintentionally choose well-known brands is due to awareness of the brand and the logo. Then, what does the logo mean, and why does it have such a big impact on us?

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If we provide a brief introduction to the topic “The Importance of the Logo,” which has been frequently asked by search engines recently, the logo and the name of the brand are the first links and the first contact between the product and its consumer. The fact that the brand is original and of high quality can be shown to the buyer with the right logo. It is also important to mention that famous companies pay attention to the brand name before the logo. As they say; “More important than building a good brand is finding the right name!” In another article, I’ll go into more detail about this.

Now, it’s time to talk about the “importance of the logo”! There is no need to say the designed logos evoke the brand. Even just by looking at the logo, it can be understood which brand this product belongs to, such as Nike, Starbucks, Apple, etc. The most crucial factor to take into account while designing a new brand is the logo! A logo that will be identified with the brand is a very important investment going forward.

Why İs The Design Of The Logo İmportant?

Why are there so many issues that need to be taken into consideration in order to design a logo, or what is the importance of the logo that we are focused on so much? Firstly, a brand’s logo represents everything about it, from its consumer appeal to its industry knowledge. The most significant power after the brand’s name is the logo. In other words, the logo is a kind of brand face. Just as when we first meet a person, we look at his face and physical features and involuntarily have an idea, we look at the logo of a brand and have the same thoughts.

It would be a very appropriate statement to say that logo design is the first element that reflects what they promise to the consumer. Just as every individual has a unique identity, the logo represents a brand’s identity. A brand without a logo is similar to a person without an identity. If the brand lacks an identity, I mean a logo, it is not different from an unidentified person in the eyes of the consumer.

What Factors Should Be Considered in Logo Design?

In the previous paragraph, I tried to convey to you the significance of the logo. So, what factors should be considered when designing a logo? Is logo design related to the title “The Importance of the Logo”? Yes, absolutely!

In my opinion, the first thing to pay attention to is simplicity. Why does simplicity come first in terms of the importance of the logo? Because, as you all know, an eye-friendly design is always 1-0 ahead. A simple design that outlines the brand’s goal and the opportunities it provides will help you raise awareness much more easily. I would like to draw your attention to two keywords here; brand awareness and the importance of the logo…

Complex, crowded, and eye-tiring logo designs confuse more than they keep in mind. However, a stunning, unforgettable logo can help you stand out.

Originality; although it is not in the first place, this is definitely the title that should be paid the most attention to. Consider that your logo evokes competing companies while you are attempting to convey that your brand is distinguishable and separate!  Each company has its own set of colors and symbols. These should be carefully chosen and created by the person who is most knowledgeable about the logo.

We have said that colors and symbols are important, but please don’t understand the concept of a logo that contains every color and symbol. It is useful to design a logo that is as simple as possible without getting into a riot of colors, that is both eye-catching and remarkable. Using a maximum of 3 color options will not be confusing and will reduce costs. Because logo will appear not only in advertisements, but also on business cards and office notebooks.

The font that you used is certainly the key point! When it is used correctly, it creates a full weapon effect against opponents, whereas when it is used incorrectly, the barrel of that weapon returns to you. It is beneficial to select a smooth and industry-appropriate font.

Compatibility; by paying attention to the items listed above, you have created a logo with them in mind. Everything is perfect for you… Until you notice that the logo did not fit the website, business card, and packaging. Even thinking about it can make you extremely nervous. We would not be wrong if we said that the golden rule is a logo that can be scaled without losing quality.

It is always better to design a logo taking into account the age and cultural characteristics of the target audience. Because the possibility of failure is quite low if the audience being addressed is correctly analyzed and a logo is revealed in accordance with it.

“The Logo’s Importance” and “What the Logo Adds to the Brand”

We kept emphasizing the significance of the logo, but should this logo always remain constant? Should no changes be made? If so; will the significance of the logo “disappear?”

Of course not. The renewal of the logo at certain times is a good impression for the brand. It creates an image of “we are changing and developing.” However, changing the logo on a frequent basis is not a good idea.

Is İt Worth İt To Put So Much Effort İnto The Logo?

Is it necessary to think about and invest so much in the importance of the logo? You should not ignore the fact that the logo is an investment for the brand. A logo will be a critical investment decision in order to add vision to the brand. You will understand this much more closely as things develop and grow, the importance of the logo.

If your logo is distinct from other brands, we have a better chance of standing out. Aim to make your customers feel that you are separate from your competitors through the logo. A memorable and effective logo that summarizes the story your brand wants to tell is often more important than all the words said.

We have mentioned the importance of the logo in the branding process. If you have a dream of a successful and corporate company, you must have an identity, in other words, a logo. With a well-designed logo, you will both stand out and convey your image clearly. Remember that you need to indicate that you are different, especially when so many companies have emerged recently.

I am thinking of ending my article with an example. Today, e-commerce is a necessity in our daily life. At this point, there is also a place that everyone prefers; Amazon! Let’s examine the Amazon logo more closely. His name is displayed in white text on a black background in the logo, which is also enhanced by a yellow arrow sign pointing from letter A to letter Z. I really hope you are not asking, “So what’s it about?” If you say so, can you kindly walk upstairs and read what I have written again please?

They have prepared their logo very simply, just like we mentioned; there is no color riot and confusion. They want to say “we have everything you are looking for” with the arrow sign that goes from the letter A to the letter Z. I believe that this logo, which is quite effective, can serve as a model for many businesses, and with that, I end my article here.

Take good care of yourself, and think carefully about your logos as well. Bye for now.

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