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What İs Guerrilla Marketing? Why İs İt So İmportant?

Hello again! I’ve chosen a topic for today that will make you feel enlightened after reading it. We’ll examine a less expensive and more effective advertising strategy together. In this essay, I’ll discuss guerrilla marketing, a method for advertising that will keep in people’s minds and lead them to wonder, “What is it, and why is it so important for?” When I wrote it, I was quite excited, and I hope you feel the same way when you read it.

What does “guerrilla marketing” mean? The reply to the question is actually quite simple: you receive advertisements that contact you in unexpected ways and in different ways. In addition, this is the title of a book published in 1984. So, how was this book written in 1984? There is a professor by the name of Jay Conrad Levinson. When he lectures university students, he realizes that there is no textbook to help people with a limited budget at the point of marketing. He discusses this with his students and promises them that he will track down and bring them a book that is written on the subject.

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After searching the library for a book, Levinson then visits the libraries of other colleges, but he is unsuccessful in doing so. When Levinson cannot find a book like this after promising to provide materials to the students, he decides to make one himself and publishes “Guerrilla Marketing,” a book with 527 articles. Incredible, right? From that time till now, the topic’s popularity has reached us.

Differences Between Guerrilla and Traditional Marketing?

What Is Guerrilla Marketing, Again? Why is it crucial? I want to return to the subject.Although it is an uncommon marketing strategy, its objectives are very similar to those of conventional marketing. Both marketing methods are aimed at selling more and making a profit. However, Guerrilla Marketing uses a different approach. In short, the methods and tools utilized to accomplish the goal differ most from one another, not the goal itself.

Guerrilla marketing seeks out and uses a marketing technique that will get the most results for the smallest amount of money. Let me tell you that Levinson has been very focused on the fact that guerrilla marketing is not an activity but a process. Money should be the last thing we consider when using guerilla marketing. Instead, you need to use more of your time, energy and creativity. In fact, guerrilla marketing is a strategy that applies to a variety of marketing tactics. It can also be likened to a character who repeatedly irritates enemies and wears them out before attempting to gain the upper hand with a fatal strike when they are at their weakest.

What Exactly Is the Goal of Guerrilla Marketing?

We have already mentioned that in Guerrilla Marketing, its goal is the same as the traditional marketing method, but the tools it uses to get to the goal are different. If you use the suitable techniques, you can produce amazing effects in guerrilla marketing. It takes risks and targets viral studies. If the right steps can be taken towards the goal, this advertisement work will achieve its goal and make you talk about it. Depending on this, both brand awareness increases and the brand name is mentioned.

In actuality, when using guerilla marketing, the target population is not kept broad. The key is to keep it in mind as a target audience, which is comparatively smaller. In conclusion, the key target is to become popular online and raise brand awareness swiftly. Although it is well recognized that huge businesses won’t struggle with the issue of advertising budgets, there are also medium-sized and small-budget companies, and these companies must advertise as well. Likewise, fewer expensive advertisements will generate more noise. Exactly around this time, guerrilla marketing emerges, and we see little businesses battling large corporations like a guerrilla army.

Is The Guerrilla Marketing Technique Effective Only For Small Companies?

We kept saying lower budget, more reverberation, imagination, and energy. We also highlighted how Guerrilla Marketing is used by businesses with few resources. Do well-known corporations not embrace and employ this tactic, then? In contrast…

One of the first companies that comes to mind when we think of hamburgers has printed a potato carton on the street with yellow pedestrian lines and has drawn attention. There have even been people who have come just to see this creative design and take a photo of it. If we give another amazing example, it has also been one of the remarkable studies that a watch company famous all over the world has hung different clock figures on the holders located at the top of the buses. Having said that, I hope I’ve made it clear that guerrilla marketing isn’t just used by tiny businesses.

What Advantages Does the Guerrilla Marketing Technique Have?

I have just mentioned that not only small companies but also large companies prefer the Guerrilla Marketing method over time. So, why did these global large firms with large advertising budgets opt for the Guerrilla Marketing strategy?Immediately, let’s examine the specifics.

So first of all, guerrilla marketing, a low-cost strategy that is also memorable, may accomplish a lot of significant tasks and raise brand awareness. As a result, it is one of the most reasonable advertising methods for everyone to choose, regardless of whether it is a large, medium-sized or small brand.

Has the Guerrilla Marketing Method Worked in Turkey?

To this question, I can sincerely say “yes.” Who hasn’t heard of the “Yumoş” advertisement? The concept of placing bears on one of Istanbul’s main streets truly succeeded; it caused people to talk about it a lot and consider their earnings. Let’s talk about a Guerrilla marketing method that makes you laugh a little bit more. Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is a city known for its many important places and tastes… Leaving all of that aside, it is frequently associated with its nightlife.Think about it, who doesn’t bend over and take a 200 TL note when they find it walking down the road? Especially when the economy is in this state, you take  200TL in your hand, and you look at it. There is a woman’s phone number and picture. Here is one of the most striking examples of guerrilla marketing for you.

How Many Types of Guerrilla Marketing Methods Are There?

Four sections of guerrilla marketing can be looked at separately.  They can be sorted as follows;

1) Guerrilla Marketing İn Open Spaces: this is advertising marketing that takes place in open spaces such as city squares and parks.

2) Guerrilla Marketing in Indoor Areas: Contrary to what is done in outdoor places, it is done in enclosed spaces like metro stations, university campuses, and department stores where there is a high person population.

3) Experiential Guerrilla Marketing: It is designed in such a way that the audience communicates with the brand the most, and 3 methods can be used by the project team at the top.

My post ends here. I hope I was able to provide you with information while having a pleasant time. Take good care of yourself!

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