How Much Are Ukraine SimCard Prices? What Are the Mobile Operators in Ukraine?

Ukraine, which is a country where transitions between us and our country are experienced a lot, is one of the countries where Turks can enter in the easiest way. For this reason, many Turkish citizens go to Ukraine for various reasons. These are usually for business life, social activities, education, marriage and tourism. Changes between countries can cover a short or long process depending on these reasons.

With the developing and still developing technology, using a cordless phone is not different from using a computer without internet. Ukraine SimCard prices are also investigated by people who will come to Ukraine from Turkey or other countries for these reasons.

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Of course, as it is known, the prolongation of the stay period brings with it the adaptation to the region. One of the biggest examples of this situation is mobile phone operators. Since it provides your communication within the country, everyone has to change their operator compulsorily. To help you, I did a research on this subject. In operators with the information I gained in my research, I will share with you how much the prices are in Ukraine.

How Much Are Ukraine Communication Prices? – What are the Mobile Operators in Ukraine?

In fact, you can use the phone lines you use in Turkey in Ukraine as well. However, if you do not receive the overseas package, your bill may be a little high. Therefore, if you are going to stay for a long time, I recommend you to buy a Ukraine line.

There are 3 private operators in Ukraine and there is no state operator. These private operators are Kyivstar, Vodafone and Lifecell. Telephone numbers consist of 9 digits and numbers start with the country code +380. Kyivstar is the most preferred Ukrainian Mobile Phone Operator, as it has the best reception area.

The prices of Ukrainian mobile operators generally range from 25 to 150 hryvnia. Vodafone SIM card used in our country can vary between 25 and 70 hryvnia, Lifecell SIM card can vary between 50 and 150 hryvnia, and Kyivstar SIM card can vary between 25 and 50 hryvnia. These 3 operators are the most actively used mobile operators in Ukraine. In addition to these, Vodafone is the tariff where you can make packages at the most affordable price.

Telephone Codes by Some Cities in Ukraine

  • ODESSA: +38048
  • KIEV : +38044
  • DONETSK :+38062
  • HARKOV: +38072
  • LIVOV :+38032


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