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What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Hello again, my dear friends. Today, we will talk to you about what Affilite marketing, which is a sales partnership in Turkish, is and what it does. First of all, this format has many differences compared to other advertising formats. Moreover, in terms of preference, they have more preferable sides than others. I would like to explain this issue to you with an example.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

For example, you have a website and you want to place an advertisement on this website. In other words, we can call this ad a banner or a banner. Affiliate marketing is a work done between brands and people who have advertising space. In other advertising systems, for example, you can get paid for the time you put a banner on your website. In another, you get paid according to the number of views of the poster you put.

In the last method, you get paid according to the number of clicks on the banner you put. The subject I have discussed today, namely Affilite marketing, is in a different place than these three I have mentioned. In other words, none of these are the subject of affiliate marketing with the Turkish name. The logic of this method that I have mentioned, and even this business, is to go to the site, click on the advertisement and earn a certain amount when you shop from there.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

I want to tell you about this subject in detail. There are a number of steps that need to be addressed. According to these steps, the affiliate puts the ad on the website. The customer clicks and conversion is achieved. Conversions are tracked. The product is sold, the affiliate gets a commission. If it is explained in detail according to the logic, there are 3 steps to making money. Money will be earned when the first is downloaded the app, the second is when you register, and the third is when you shop. Today, there is also a method of earning money by calling with an unused phone.

One of the terms that should be known on the subject is cpa. In other words, we can translate it into Turkish as payment for an action. According to this term, an action must be taken in order to receive payment. What we mean by action is nothing compared to the viewing, click or banner placement time we have mentioned. By being an action, it means pay-per-record, pay-per-download, and pay-per-sale. When you publish a poster, it is called payment if the form that will be opened by clicking on this poster is filled.

CPI, which is called pay-per-download, means that when you receive an ad and place a direct downloadable redirect on that ad, you will receive a payment per download. Another is CPS, which is pay-per-sale. Here, the logic is that when someone clicks on the ad, they want to buy by getting the necessary feeling from that ad. Thus, the aforementioned action is taken once the sale has been made.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Do?

In this system, which we call sales partnership when translated into Turkish, it gives its name to the sharing of the profit rate obtained from the product sales situation with the suppliers and sales partners. In this case, the supplier and sales partners win at the same time. Therefore, since it is a system that both sides have won, it has been preferred by suppliers and sales partners. It is quite possible to achieve high earnings and success in this field as desired. Various methods of making money are possible with the return of the system. This system is basically done online over the internet.

People who prefer the system can set up a kind of block in order to market the products of a company they are sales partners of. In addition, it can sell by sharing links on various different platforms. Ultimately, as long as the sales process takes place, the action-taking process that I mentioned above will also take place. It should not be forgotten that it is always possible to get paid as long as the action takes place.

Who Is Affiliate Market Suitable For?

Anyone with a network can do Affiliate marketing. Web site owners or managers who have a high number of social media accounts, which we call network owners, are called. At the same time, network owners can be people who have social media accounts with a very high number of followers. In addition, we can count influencers with high popularity. First of all, you need a channel where you can tell a product or service in order to benefit from and do the affiliate marketing system.

By channel I mean a website or social media account such as Google ADS. If a person with a high number of followers in his social media account interacts well with his followers through the affiliate system, the rate of sales is just as high. In addition, it is also important that the followers trust the taste and ideas of the person who will sell.

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