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Where is Rixos The Palm Dubai?

How To Get Rixos The Palm Dubai!

Hello again, my dear readers. I would like to convey to you the impressions that I have personally experienced today. Many different questions came to my mind during your Dubai vacation. Among these questions, of course, I had the most logical concerns about where I would stay. I came across a hotel name and I started doing various researches about this hotel.

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Where is Rixos The Palm Dubai?

This is the point where I tried to get various information by reading quite different things about Rixos the Palm Dubai, which is why I was very excited that everyone was recommending it. When I started planning my vacation directly, I wanted to create a reservation. Dubai, as a city, is a city of civilization that intrigues me.

When I was asking where is Rixos the Palm Dubai, I immediately thought of writing to Google maps. I understood more or less where the hotel is in terms of location. When I entered the East Crescent, Plog40 Palm Jumeirah address directly in the city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, I realized that it would take me there. After I arranged the reservation dates that were suitable for me as I wanted, I started to wait very excitedly to stay in this hotel.

If the hotel did not provide transportation, it was just as easy. Dubai citizens are quite used to seeing tourists here, so you don’t have to think about how to get to the hotel. Citizens provide a very friendly and optimistic approach when you ask questions and ask for directions and directions. And here is the Rixos hotel right in front of you. Like its name, it is a hotel that excites me quite a bit.

Rixos the Palm Dubai Activities

Before arriving at the hotel, I first made a list of all the activities I could do. And yes, there are different types of activities you can do in the hotel. It is possible to list these activities in such a way that you can do various sports as you want.

Performing various sports with a unique view motivated me so much. At the same time, the fact that I did not miss the sports that I did while I was on my holiday made me happy. Another idea that considers the customers in the hotel is the Rixy kids club. Here, you can take your child to the club with the experienced expert staff whenever you want.

Individual treatments are also provided with expert therapists, who are among the hotel services. Of course, I couldn’t help but experience these services because I had read and heard them before. I then retreated to my own room, feeling psychologically relaxed and renewed.

The mini bar and small kitchen in the room are also designed to allow you to spend a more unique time there. For this reason, you can eat and drink the way you want in your own room without going out. Of course, if you wish, you can also get service from restaurants and bars. There are some very good names that I can recommend for you about restaurants and bars.

Restaurant and Bar Recommendations

I would definitely like you to meet Göksel Bey, who is in the pool bar during the day, and Yunus Emre, Çağlar and Taşkın, who is in the evening. The taste of the delicious cocktails they have made still cannot be erased from my palate. When I returned to Turkey, it still managed to maintain its place among the flavors I was looking for. On the other hand, if you are undecided about the restaurant and want to encounter a good fish presentation, I would like you to come across with Mustafa, Şaban and Ahmet, who are also in the fish restaurant, and I recommend you to taste the incredibly delicious fish they have prepared.

Yusuf, who is responsible for guest relations in the hotel, was able to fully satisfy me. He takes good care of you and provides advice and support to suit all your wishes and needs. The reason why I am praising the hotel so much is that it provides the kind of service that will meet your expectations. Therefore, you can have instant access to all the facilities that suit your wishes. Moreover, you do not have any problems with the road due to easy transportation. This uniquely enjoyable hotel experience that I have lived has been engraved in my memory as a hotel name that I can recommend wholeheartedly and strongly.

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