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Why Does It Make Sense To Stay At Rixos The Palm Dubai?

I Must Stay at RIXOS The Palm Dubai

I want to say hello to all of you again, my dear friends. The topic I want to talk about today will be about why you should stay in the mentioned hotel. If you have made a decision to come to Dubai, which I would like to mention first, it should not be too difficult to guess that you are in search of a suitable hotel for yourself.

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Why Does It Make Sense To Stay At Rixos The Palm Dubai?

The first thing that bothered me about going to Dubai was where I would stay. Well, I can hear you asking why it makes sense to stay at Rixos the Palm Dubai. First of all, the hotel is located in a destination with access to many places due to its location. Rixos the Palm Dubai is 17 km from the port and Mall of the Emirates. It is also 30 kilometers from Dubai mal burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building.

In addition, it is 47 kilometers from Dubai International Airport. During the stay, it is also possible to benefit from many different services within the hotel. The hotel, which is among the popular touristic destinations in Dubai, has come to a very important position with its surroundings.

Yusuf Bey, who is responsible for the customer service and relations of the hotel, helped me in a very helpful way. You will also see that he works in a solution-oriented manner by directing all kinds of questions you want to ask. You can find the activity that suits you in the hotel and enjoy it as you wish.

Why Stay at Rixos The Palm Dubai?

I can hear you asking various questions about what you can do in the hotel. For this, I will try to explain in detail the answer to the question of why to stay at Rixos the Palm Dubai. It is possible to perform various activities within the hotel.

You can also access various options within concerts and festivals. You can participate in festivals in the form of a musical boat parade show, a burning stone fountain show and a spoiler band. With the concerts and festivals that can be held in the hotel, the boredom rate of people is almost non-existent. Fortunately, I had the chance to participate in these enjoyable festivals. Another type of activity to be done is in the health and spa area.

I can say that it is possible for the person and his family to spend quality time by going to the health center located in the hotel, and you will also feel completely relaxed and renewed. The Turkish bath experience in the center of the spa, which I have experienced myself, is also something I would like to talk about.

After an experience I had, I felt quite refreshed and refreshed. Another activity mentioned is the types of sports that can be done on land and at sea. It is possible to participate in many festivals such as body and mind festival, yoga festival and zumba festival here. At the same time, it is possible to participate in the Rixos cup event. Of course, an event is planned for those who will come on holiday with their families.

I would like to mention that a special holiday club was established for children, Rixy kids club. It is possible to participate in activities organized in the children’s club here. During the event, it is possible to participate in activities such as water parks with water slides, indoor and outdoor pools, children’s cinema, children’s disco, painting and pastry lessons, painting and painting studio and special children’s shows.

Rixos The Palm Dubai Restaurants and Bars

I can say that when I decided to stay in the hotel, I did some research first. For this reason, I first obtained various information by researching the hotel’s website before starting the accommodation. The hotel continues to serve with its unique view along with many different luxury activities.

The hotel is easily preferred by people as it makes it possible to reach various places due to its location. Another issue that I would like to mention in Rixos the Palm Dubai is, of course, the places where you can eat and drink. Although I am very meticulous about the choice of venue, I would like to tell you about the places and names that make me very satisfied.

It has definitely stuck in my memory as a flavor that I recommend you try. I would like to say that I had an incredibly enjoyable time thanks to their strong communication. Watching the unique landscapes in the facility is also one of the quirks of this business.

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